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Oz Bafralilar Production of a wide range of Continous Flight (Pull Screw ,Leaf Screw ), Screw Conveyor ,U Trough Conveyor manufacturing, recycling Screw , butterfly flaps, rotary valves, feed Screw , concrete plant equipment, Screw conveyor For Agricultural Machinary Screw conveyors for crushing and screening plants, various auger equipment (suspension bearings, bushings) , joints and reducers, etc.) in our company, our products are manufactured in CNC machines, precision tolerance values. Our manufacturing; Screw Conveyors stainless (AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 309-310, etc.), HARDOX, ST37 and ST52 quality materials are used. Our company stands behind its work and produces more modern solutions that keep pace with technology in every new project. Our experienced assembly and service personnel provide service to our customers when necessary. Working with the aim of producing and delivering high quality , it has been trying to expand its fields of activity. Within this scope, we want to supply all kinds of materials and work together on the projects realized by your company. You can get information from our website for our company history, wide product portfolio and references. We expect your feedback regarding the product groups you are interested in, we will be glad to be in your purchasing network of your company, we wish you good work
Our company has continued its commercial life which started with repair works of agricultural equipments in 1963 with the family company that it established in 1993 with the efforts for innovation and
Has been producing hydraulic couplings and spare parts for construction equipment with various power and sizes as well as SPUR GEAR, WORM GEAR, HELICAL GEAR, BEVEL GEAR, SPIRAL BEVEL GEAR, CHAIN WHEELS since 1975 to present. It manufactures wind turbine reducer, hydraulic power plant, turbine and mil, planet Gearboxes, concrete plant Gearboxes, Band Gearboxes, one-way lock, geared coupling, elastic coupling and every kind of gearboxes depending on customer demand. It provides services to wide range of customers in the country or abroad with its machinery of 230 machine in its indoor area of 8500 m2 and 130 qualified employees. Customer satisfaction is a subject on which we show sensitivity in the direction of principles of quality production and delivery in time.
digital printing, foil, boxes of letters, totems, pion signage, and aluminum dekupe, boxes of letters, road signs, exhibition stands, stretching vinyl siding, tool coating finish building the roof tabal domestic outdoor printing digital election candidates batch identification advertising